January 20th, 3051

Dark Caste Base Phoenix

Somewhere Beyond The Periphery

 Throughout mankind's history, conflict and the struggle for power had been a part of humanity. Some battled for personal power, some for ideology, and still yet some just to sow the seeds of chaos and destruction. As Star Col. trukdrivr stared at the holoscreen that showed the Clan invasion corridor into the inner sphere he saw o­nly opportunity. The chance to be a part of a watershed event, o­ne so profound the outcome would dictate humanities direction. Truk knew that soon The Dark Caste would make a move to begin the process in reclaiming its heritage, to move from the fringe of the shadows and reclaim it birthright. Already the initial targets were being chosen to work towards this outcome and Truk and his command were just departing to o­ne such target. Leaving the dropships command deck he made his way to the cargo bay and down the ramp to the brisk winter chill.

 With the Clan invasion of the inner sphere sowing chaos and fear throughout the successor states, Khan Cyberwolf had deemed it a perfect opportunity for the Caste to operate with near impunity in the Inner Sphere and Clan space alike. Now would be the time to grow, and gather resources, a time to challenge Clan units o­n a more even footing and in some way a chance to find the right moment to bring forth the new data of long forgotten events.

 Truk watched the last of the 55ths mechs move into o­ne of his fortress class dropships …a liberated gift from the Davions a few years earlier and pondered what he and his unit would find. Theirs was to be the deepest incursion into clan space since the departure from Absolon so many years before.

 Staring across the small spaceport, Truk felt the wind tug at his cape as the launch director engaged the launch sequence countdown. A klaxon blared to life in the distance and the flat hollow voice of the launch director drifted to him across the wind. “All personnel please board your designated transports at this time; launch is t-minus 15 minutes and counting.” “All launch personnel secure launch pad and report to launch stations”.

 As Truk climbed the landing ramp into the Bloodwake he turned and looked at the other 4 dropships in his command, small eddies of snow drifted around the landing pylons of the craft swirling in intricate patterns, a tangle of motion not unlike what he was feeling.

 The first target selected to raid was no less the birthplace of Clan WidowMaker, its former home world. There had been reports of the massing of the Clan secondary support fleets tasked with re-supplying the invasion force of the Inner Sphere and the amount of traffic in the transit lanes close to the home world was expected to help the Caste warriors infiltrate their target. That and the IFF codes obtained by the Dark Castes intelligence assets operating in Clan space.

 Truk looked up at the timer counting down o­n the wall as he strapped himself into his seat amongst his warriors and support staff. Faces full of hope, trepidation and anxiety. Suddenly the main engines of the craft begin to roar to life, the vibration thrumming its way through Truks body as the craft begin to crawl into the sky and so began the return of the Widow.

 As Chronicled by LoreMaster Jeri Sender