From the Diary of Trev Hunter

January 10th, 3045

Dark Caste Base Phoenix

Somewhere Beyond The Periphery

For just over 200 years the fortunes of the Remnants of Clan WidowMaker had waxed and waned. Life beyond the periphery had been challenging and often brutal, but the former clan reborn as The Dark Caste had over time conquered the hostile surroundings of its new environment and over time called it home. A strong foundation had been laid by Lorenna Hunter the first leader of the TDC, and she had left a vision for her successors to follow. Now the time was at hand, the struggles of the past 200 years and the course she had charted were about to come to fruition.

The newest leader of The Dark Caste, Khan CyberWolf Hunter stared at the holovid in reverent awe, no o­ne save a Khan ever saw the message Lorenna had left for those leaders after her. In it she detailed how she had by necessity stripped away that what she needed from Clan Doctrine to allow the Caste to survive, and how over time they must restore it. She detailed timelines and training schedules as to how the unit should over time return to its founding principals in Clan doctrine with the overriding goal of being accepted back into Clan society. Her insight and instructions o­n finding willing participants still in the mainstream of Clan society had borne fruit with the successful contact and assistance of those dissatisfied in Clan Burrock. Their help over the years had been instrumental in helping to insure that The Dark Caste had kept up with Clan Technology and fielded some of the latest equipment.

Now the final ingredient to the long road home had finally been found, the holy grail. The proof that vindicated Clan WidowMakers actions so long ago had been obtained. The question was now o­ne of timing. When or would the Grand Council be ready to hear this information from a Clan long thought dead? New forces were at work o­n the Pentagon worlds, unrest between the Crusaders and Wardens was building and CyberWolf had decided that they must yet wait. There would be o­nly o­ne chance to expose those of Clan Wolverine who had pitted the Spider against the Wolf, and too many warriors before him had paid a heavy price for him to simply rush forward without first laying the proper groundwork. much as it pained, patience was the thing required of the Caste's new Khan.

As Lorenna's image faded o­n the holovid the young Khan made a solemn promise to the long dead Huntress and last true leader of Clan WidowMaker to see the new warriors of the Caste reinstated in the Grand Council o­n Strana Mechty, and to be the o­ne to do so. How strange that name seemed to him, a place he had never seen yet yearned for like a forbidden fruit. Sighing CyberWolf replaced the holo disc in his office safe as there was a knock o­n his office door. "Enter" he replied as he saw his second in command SaKhan Luger Gore enter his office.

"Greetings my Khan, I have the reports of the bondsman we have taken in our latest raids". Taking the PDA from Luger, CyberWolf beckoned him to a chair. "Sit my friend and let me see what divine providence has brought us". Reading through the manifest CyberWolf moved to the edge of the desk and finally looked up setting the PDA down as he turned to stare wistfully out his window at a prowling TimberWolf o­n patrol in the distance. "Tell me truthfully Luger, do any of these bondsmen show promise? So much that we have seen from the Inner Sphere have been disappointing to say the least"

Steepling his hands before him for a moment Luger thought of the latest warriors they had taken in there latest raids, "Actually Cyber this group is somewhat different, they show promise. They had a somewhat unconventional way of fighting but it had some success against us and I think we could do well to learn from that". Sensing his Khan wanted to hear more of his thoughts Luger continued, "They were fluid in battle, brave to the end yet honorable, their leadership was to the end concerned for the well being of their men before their own, all commendable Clan traits." Luger stood and moved to join Cyber at the window, "I believe given time these warriors could be integrated into our own ranks and their insight and information of the Inner Sphere would prove to be valuable, as mercenaries they have had the opportunity to be exposed to all of the Great Houses, we would do well to use this to our benefit."

Turning CyberWolf took down a bottle of Scotch and 2 glasses from his bookshelf and poured a drink for each of them. "Very well Luger, see to it the training cadre have this information, lets start weeding through this group then and see who makes the grade to have a chance at moving into the warrior caste". Taking the glass offered by his Khan Luger nodded and replied, " as you command."

The Remembrance (Dark Caste) Passage 24 Verse 39 Lines 81-91

The long dark nights draw to a close as the light of truth is about to breach them.

Longing, desire to know that which has never been seen.

The destiny so long ago foretold by the Huntress her plan unfolds.

Headlong we rush to embrace the dream, as we know in due course all will be revealed.

The spider long asleep begins to awaken to soon be introduced to those who have forgotten.

As recorded by LoreMaster Jeri Sender