Clan WidowMaker and the DarKCaste

 December 24th 2840 (5 Years Later)

DCMS Space

Planet New Samarkand

 God its hot here thought Trev Hunter as he sat in his EXT-4D Exterminator's cockpit analyzing the data feeds scrolling across his vid screens. o­n the plain below his LPOP (Listening Post Observation Post) members of the Sun Zhang mechwarrior Academy were practicing what appeared to be a movement to contact scenario while patrolling the area around the New Samarkand Metals factory they were raiding unaware of Trevs 65 ton Exterminator which was hidden thanks to the ECM and null signature devices and chameleon light polarization shield it was equipped with. o­n map overlay he saw the trainees moving right into the kill zone of the powered down members of his star waiting for them. Showtime thought Trev as he locked up the last mech in line a Hermes II with his Deadeye -10 LRM launcher, his mech shuddered slightly as he squeezed the trigger and fired a volley of 10 LRMs against the DCMS mech. As Trev moved to a new firing point he saw the enemy lance stop and mill around confused for a moment unsure of where their aggressor was as the missiles blossomed against the left rear torso and arm of the Hermes opening dark raw pits in its armor. Trev switched from the Hermes and let his targeting reticule drift across the Dervish that was in the lead and fired another volley of LRM's to get the enemy lances attention. That did it thought Trev as a bolt of man made lightning flashed against the left side of his mech from the Vindicator pilot who had finally found him. Checking his indicators he noted the Vindicator pilot has cost him o­nly about a ton of armor and he was fine. His sensors showed the 4 enemy mechs moving to engage him and turning their backs o­n his hidden star...and that was what they had been waiting for.

 The rest of Trev's star consisted of a BL6-KNT Black Knight, a pair of ARC-2R Archers and Warhammer 6R. The first the enemy sensed that something was amiss it was to late as the Warhammers PPCs cored thought the back of a Clint-3T and exploded out the front, the Clint faltered as its actuators locked and fell face first carving a deep furrow in the ground snapping limbs along the way as it came to rest in a cloud of dust unmoving. At almost the same moment 80 LRMs from the Archers Doomdud LRM's wreathed the last undamaged enemy mech in halo of explosions. The Vindicator pilot valiantly struggled to keep it upright as he had begun to turn to face the real threat but lost control as the BK's Magna Hellstar PPC and McCorkell large lasers joined the destruction and savaged its left leg, the combination of the energy weapons and stress of turning caused the actuator to give and the leg snapped at the knee and yet another mech fell unmoving.

 In the midst of all this the Dervish pilot had managed to get off a volley of LRM's at the Dark Caste Warhammer from its twin LRM-10 launchers which were mostly swatted from the sky by the AMS system o­n the Warhammer, with the rest exploding impotently across the front and left torso of the heavy mech. While the Dervish had engaged the 4 mechs at the ambush site, the Hermes pilot broke off and began to move towards the factory that Trev and his star had been assigned to secure and in doing so ran into Trev's 65 ton mech. Seeing the Exterminator the Hermes pilot triggered his two Hellion medium lasers...Trev grinned as the ablative Fibrolyte Armorscale held and deflected most of the energy from the enemy mechs fire away and fired his own Averell Highpoint medium lasers mounted o­n each arm at the Hermes, carving deep gashes across the mechs left torso adding to the damage from his earlier LRM fire. The Hermes pilot knew he was mismatched again tried to disengage, but the Exterminator had position. Sensing the enemy mech was fleeing Trev triggered his Chevron II jump jets and arced into the air to intersect the Hermes. While slightly mistimed the jump was enough and the 65 ton mech slammed into the already weakened left side as it landed taking an arm off the enemy mech. As Trev struggled to remain upright he stumbled forward a few yards and turned to see the Hermes still standing and turning to fight. Its left side was a ruin and dark smoke poured from the torn bundles of myomer and circuitry and crushed armor where its left arm had o­nce been. Again the Hermes pilot triggered its medium lasers trying to damage the larger mech. Steadied now Trev centered his reticule o­n the enemy mechs damage torso and again triggered all 4 medium lasers, and was rewarded with a small puff of dense black smoke as the entire enemy mech shuddered and suddenly froze as the Hermes cockpit cracked open and the pilots ejection seat arched skyward.

 Trev made his way back to his starmates and moved through the gates at the factory the remaining defenders were lightly armed and easily overpowered. o­nce the base was secure Trev proceeded with the next phase of the operation. "Venom actual this is venom o­ defenses are neutralized...merry Christmas maa'm", "Roger Venom o­ne good job, Venom flight is inbound ETA is 25 seconds, Venom command is at checkpoint Charlie enroute your location over" Trev grinned as he heard the Dark Caste Commanders reply. "Roger Venom I have a visual o­n Venom flight now, will save you a seat home, Venom o­ne out" Trav watch in awe as the Dark Caste Overlord Dropship Stormbringer now painted in the company colors of Ceres Steel Corporation descended over the mountains edge and began settling o­n the wide open plain outside the New Samarkand Metals factory. Dark Caste operatives had discovered that a huge shipment of tempered samarkite alloy had been ordered by Ceres Mechwerks and was scheduled to ship after the Christmas holiday. Lorenna Hunter had then discovered that most of the garrison forces would be o­n low levels of alert and that o­nly trainees would be defending the armor factory. Most of the 2nd Benjamin Regulars had already left for home after an FTX and o­nly o­ne battalion remained and those were hours away. Trev watched from his cockpit as the techs and support staff moved from the dropship and began securing hover transporters to begin loading the armor into the Stormbringer. So far so good he thought, a few more hours and we are home free, this won't be quite bad at all he thought to himself. Suddenly his radio crackled to life, "Venom o­ne this is Venom Command be advised we have intermittent contact with mechs of an unknown composition last known grid D6 SE quadrant heading your location over". Affirmative Command, moving to take up overwatch in D5 checkpoint Zulu" "Affirmative o­ne CP Zulu, we are enroute."

  To be continued....

 Transcribed from the Diary of Trev Hunter By

Loremaster Jerimiah

Dark Caste