October 1st 2835

Dark Caste Base Phoenix

Somewhere Beyond The Periphery

The assembly hall of the council room was crowded as the collected warriors and support staff of the Dark Caste joined o­n this solemn occasion. Today was a day of mourning and remembrance, a day to reflect upon what and those that were lost. A year ago this Day Clan WidowMakers demise was born when Khan Cal Jorgensson had inadvertently slain the Ilkhan of the Clans. Yet today was also day of hope and new beginnings as well and Commander Lorenna Hunter saw the pride in the faces of the warriors and technical support personnel of Phoenix base. In these people the heart of the Widow lives she thought to herself as she ascended the steps to the speakers podium.

 Slowly the murmur of voices dropped as those in the hall saw their Commander approaching the podium to address them, and by the time she faced them their was silence. Good evening,...I have assembled you tonight to honor the memory of what we o­nce were and to remember the brothers and sisters and in some cases the loved o­nes we have lost. I also wanted to thank you for your efforts over the past year in building our new home and to share with you the vision of the Dark Caste Touman.

 Recently agents of our intelligence arm operating in Clan space near the Pentagon Worlds have discovered that it is possible that we along with Clan Wolf may have been the victims of a plot by surviving factions of Clan Wolverine. While we cannot prove this as the agent who filed the report with us was killed and the proof he was carrying destroyed, it does give us pause. We have long harbored anger over the treachery that occurred the day the Ilkhan was killed and I have heard the comments that some here have made arguing for striking out at Wolf....Yes we could do this and yes we may win for a time but the law of attrition would surely grind us into total oblivion, we have to be honest we can no longer sustain the type of warfare that allows the enemy to dictate the terms of the fight and hope to win. I used to think I wanted vengeance, revenge to make Clan Wolf suffer the shame the sense of confusion I have felt, but what I really want is justice, and that...that will take time.

 We also must be honest that facts as they are would not allow us to present our claim in the Grand Council at this time, there is no proof other than my battle ROM that shows the infa red splash of the spotting beam that was used against our Khan, nor is there anyone to accuse, if our agents report is true, Clan Wolverine has not existed for 12 years and there are many who would never be convinced.

 But I say we could learn a lesson from those that would seek to destroy us, for if it is true that a former Clan managed to get the two Clans who brought them down to fight and in doing so destroyed o­ne and left the other severely depleted, I ask myself what could we accomplish given time.

 I cannot promise you glory and honor as you o­nce knew it, but we are still bound to each other and that will never change. So while we remember those we have lost, we look forward to a new beginning as this base and its sister bases are now operational, and for that you have my heartfelt thanks. What remains of our Touman has been reorganized, o­ne arm will adapt and study and prepare for combat operations in the Inner Sphere, the other will seek out targets of opportunity within Clan Space. Each strike must be meticulously planned and targets carefully selected with salvage priorities in mind. In addition we will continue our genetics program...however that will take time.

 Therefore we will look to our brethren in other castes and to their children as well. They will be tested as warriors. As they are members of our family, our Clan, the term freebirth is henceforth forbidden. Any warrior or member who deems use it or is disgruntled by this can take a number and get in line and meet me in a circle of equals. Know this the fight will be to the death. It is time for all of you to know that the old ways for us are dead. Those things of the past that are good we will keep and we will adapt those things of the past that must be adapted in order for us to survive. All must realize that to survive we must be o­ne...that we will be o­ne.

 Given that we will begin combat operations immediately...I think that it is high time the Inner Sphere as well as the Clans get an introduction to the warriors of the Dark Caste. Members of Hammer Command meet me in the Ops Center we have a mission to plan...the rest of you are dismissed.


The Remeberance (Dark Caste) Passage 2 Verse 2 Lines 9-14

 The Phoenix had risen

To strike anew

 The Caste had risen from the remains of the Widow that Wolf had slew.

The shame washed clean in the purification of fire and destruction.

Warriors again an honor reclaimed,

The thirst for vengeance no longer remained.

 As researched by LoreMaster Jerimiah