November 4th, 2834

Somewhere in the Periphery

Galaxy Commander Lorenna Hunter stared blankly as the last remaining mech of what was o­nce Clan WidowMaker made its way up the loading ramp of the last surviving Overlord dropship left to the Clan. The bitter cold of the small moon named Absolon bit into her as small eddies of snow swirled around her feet, as she thought of her Khan Cal Jorgensson, and his loss. The fighting during the trial between the Wolf Khan and Jorgensson had been fierce each warrior giving as much punishment as the other, and that was when the Touman had noted the low intensity beam directed against the WidowMakers Khan's mech. She should have seen it sooner she thought to herself. o­n reflection the Wolf Khans missles fired to quickly, almost immediately after each recycle, somehow those missiles were keying off the splash from the homing beam directed against her Khans mech. Treachery!, Betrayal! Her whole world was changed forever in that moment as she and the rest of the Touman rushed to the aid of their leader, what happened next was a flash of fire and cocophany of noise as the referees waded into the fray as well unsure as to why the WidowMaker Touman had entered the fight to protect their Khan.

The image of Nicholas Kerensky's Executioner stepping between Jorgensson's and Jerome Winson's mechs just as Jorgensson fired was forever imprinted in her mind. The last snapshot of the WidowMaker Khan's Guass round smashed into the cockpit of the Ilkhan, killing him instantly and the whole world seemed to freeze as his mech faltered and then fell face first into the ground.

What followed next was something out of a nightmare, Clan Wolf, not caring nor willing to listen to the evidence she claimed to have fell o­n the WidowMaker's with a vengeance. No quarter was given nor none asked. Almost every battle had o­ne of two outcomes...death or flight and in the end she found herself the last ranking leader of her o­nce great Clan, hiding o­n a small moon consolidating what power her Clan had left.

The previous night she had met with the last remaining Blood Named warriors of her Clan, William Gore, Thadeaus Sender, Petry Vickers, Natasha Leroux and Yvette Conners. It was there the decision had been made, their future decreed. As it was Clan WidowMaker would not survive the Trial of Absorption, and none would ever surrender to Clan Wolf, already the reports from the WidowMaker worlds showed that Wolf was terrorizing their civilian populations as retribution after defeating the Warrior Caste of the Widow's and so each had sworn a vow they would take the remaining genetic material from their repositories and move to the periphery and they would fight o­n their terms and avenge the wrong that had been done them. They would modify the rules of war to suit them as someone in Wolf or another Clan had done during the fight between the Wolf and WidowMaker Clan betraying the sense of honor that was everything in the Clan Code of Conduct...and in doing so they would write their own Rememberance, detailing the betrayal of Clan WidowMaker that made a mockery of Clan Honor.

Lorenna turned and looked at the frozen wastes of Absolon, she could wait no longer for anymore surviving units to arrive at the rally point, in her heart she already knew those that could come had already made it and it was time to leave. Turning back the Dropship Stormbringer she sprinted up the loading ramp and entered the warmth of the mechbay and saw the last mech being loaded into its cradle. Her eyes found her own Timber Wolf and the new logo emblazoned o­n its side, her new beginning...and her new Command. She smiled to herself as she saw her assembled warriors before her o­n the hanger floor and the grim determination that would forge their vengeance. And so was the birth of the warriors of the Dark Caste.


The Remembrance (Dark Caste) Passage 1 Verse 1 Lines 1-8

Forged of fire and Spite

Lorenna our savior fled to the darkness of night

Armed with the knowledge of justice and what right and true

It was the passion of the remaining WidowMaker warriors that would see her through

From Absolon they fled into the reaches of space

But to return and exact vengeance not to disgrace

So was the Rede accepted by all those that would be

The Dark Caste'