A Role play story by LoreMaster Jeri for our role as Dark Caste in NBT-Mercs.

The True story of WidowMaker.


Nicholas Kerensky's new society, with its formalized rules of combat, was not completely accepted by all his followers. In 2823, Clan Wolverine rejected a Grand Council decision on the division of equipment found in a Brian Cache in Wolverine territory, claiming that the cache belonged to Clan Wolverine alone. They invoked a Trial of Refusal and lost. They did not accept the ruling, but shocked the rest of the Clans by declaring Clan Wolverine totally independent. IlKhan Nicholas Kerensky declared that Clan Wolverine had become "tainted by the old ways of lust for power." He urged the Grand Council to vote for a Trial of Annihilation against the rebellious Clan. The resulting vote was swift and unanimous, and Clans Wolf and WidowMaker won the honor of annihilating Wolverine.

 Wolf and WidowMaker took the opportunity of the Trial of Annihilation to expand their prestige, each at the cost of the other. The long-time rivalry between these two Clans was fierce and bitter. The bidding between the two Clans for the honor of destroying Clan Wolverine turned the bitterness into hate. The Wolf Clan version of The Remembrance states that Clan WidowMaker deliberately drove the bidding down to dangerous levels, then withdrew, leaving the warriors of Clan Wolf facing the majority of Clan Wolverine at very poor odds. Clan WidowMaker was pleased when Clan Wolf suffered major losses in the battle, but their hatred was fanned higher by Clan Wolf's eventual triumph over Clan Wolverine.

 The warriors of Clan Wolverine were dead, and the Grand Council moved to purge its tainted ways from Clan society. The Wolverine Bloodnames were eliminated from the gene pool, all Wolverine lower-caste citizens were sterilized, and all mention of Clan Wolverine was removed from Clan documents.

 Rumors among the Clans say that some Clan Wolverine warriors escaped and fled the Clan worlds. It is probably no coincidence that the "Minnesota Tribe" that attacked the perimeter of the Combine struck in 2825, a year after the annihilation of Clan Wolverine. This tribe was reported as using brand-new 'Mechs, fighting in ways alien to the Inner Sphere.

 Tensions between Clans WidowMaker and Wolf escalated into a bitterly fought battle that would mark the end of an era for the Clans. Warriors from WidowMaker claimed Wolf had cheated in its victory that annihilated the Wolverines. Clan Wolf responded by accusing Clan WidowMaker of misusing the bidding system to deliberately place Wolf warriors in hopeless situations. This animosity lasted through a decade marked by vicious Trials of Posses- sion that often skirted the limits of the Grand Council's rules of combat.

 Clan Wolverine, now the Minnesota Tribe, was very sly in their plotting, during the Trial of Grievance between WidowMaker and Wolf the Tribe people lasing the IlKhan's mech were actually members of the escaped Clan Wolverine who sought to pit the two Clans who aided in their destruction against one another. The Khan of Wolf and Wolf members did not see the beam, recent advances in tracking systems lead to faster locks and they naturally assumed nothing was afoul in the act.

 Wolverine then made sure the WidowMaker Touman would discover this fact during the fight knowing that they would act upon it immediately, as the beam was directed in such a way that only from their angle could it be seen as it was a refractive beam which only reflected light from a straight forward angle. It was just pure luck for the Tribe however, that the WidowMaker Khan inadvertently slew the Ilkhan.

 The remnants of Clan Wolverine succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, They not only destroyed (or so they thought) one of their destroyers but the managed to get their other destroyer to do it for them.

 Written by Loremaster Jerimiah